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Логотип - грузинский ресторан Сахли, грузинская еда, летняя веранда летняя веранда грузинского ресторана Сахли
Логотип - грузинский ресторан Сахли, грузинская еда, летняя веранда Логотип - грузинский ресторан Сахли, грузинская еда, летняя веранда
Логотип - грузинский ресторан Сахли, грузинская еда, летняя веранда Логотип - грузинский ресторан Сахли, грузинская еда, летняя веранда

Итальянский ресторан Peppino


Wedding the most tender, most beautiful, most desirable
and a magical holiday in the life of TWO!

Everything was prepared?
Master of ceremonies, a banquet in a restaurant, flowers, cake ... Have not forgotten anything?

Date of wedding
1 year
Calico wedding
14 years
Agate wedding
2 years
Paper Wedding
15 years
Crystal wedding
3 years
Leather wedding
20 years
Porcelain wedding
4 years
Linen Wedding
25 years
Silver Wedding
5 years
Wooden wedding
30 years
Pearl wedding
6 years
Cast iron wedding
35 years
Jade wedding
7 years
Copper Wedding
40 years
Ruby wedding
8 years
Tin Wedding
45 years
Sapphire wedding
9 years
Earthenware Wedding
50 years
Golden jubilee
10 years
Day Roses
55 years
Emerald Wedding
11 years
Steel wedding
60 years
Diamond wedding
12 years
Nickel wedding
65 years
Iron Wedding
13 years
Lace wedding
70 years
The ring wedding

husband's brother
husband's father
sister, husband
Mother in law
husband's mother
a son, daughter-in-
father's wife
Swat, the matchmaker
parents of young
wife's mother
the brother's wife

Wedding toasts
Dear guests!
Again for the love she so deserves,
We have a drink, as in the old days!
Let through all the hardships and obstacles
Leads us to the happiness of her!

Dear newly-weds! Today, sail your new family crew! Let us drink in a long a prosperous voyage of your ship in a stormy ocean of life and to overcome them all of life's storms and tempests. Happy sailing to you!

Many men dream of having a harem. They believe that the more women around them, the more varied and interesting than their married life, the more love and affection they receive. So let us wish that our young have never wanted to have a harem, because his wife one could replace him! For the young! Kiss!

None of the scientists can not yet answer the question: what is love? All agree that the love - it's a mystery that remains unsolved to this day! So let our life newlyweds are living with this secret in his heart and was not able to solve it! Kiss!

Dear bride and groom! I heartily congratulate you on taking a legal marriage. Today, the day of your wedding, you gave of themselves the sun, and this particle - a family home. Sun - the source of life on Earth, a family home - a source of family life. Keep this precious gift for life. No matter how cold the wind was blowing or the flame hearth shall burn, giving light and warmth to your family. I raise my glass to the inextinguishable light and warmth of your hearth!

Wedding ring - a nice and very significant emblem. It is a symbol of loyalty: the heart of the spouse belongs to the wife and vice versa. At the wedding ring has no beginning and no end. Engagement ring of pure gold - so, it will not stick to no dirt. Ring - a symbol of love and eternal devotion. Dear bride and groom! Let your love be pure, gentle and eternal! Strengthen our desire friendly clink of glasses!

Candle - it's a high character. First, it is a source of light and heat. Second, the flame tends upward, and therefore it represents movement to the higher. Third, in its flames burn all the bad thoughts and feelings. I drink it, so unquenchable spark of your love always lit and warmed by your way, helped to move up in its flames burn all the negative in our lives. Kiss!

Folk wisdom says that the first wealth in life - it's health, and the second - his wife. A good wife - half happiness. There is no better friend than a faithful friend. With a good wife, grief - Polhora and joy - the joy of two ways. A good wife - her husband is priceless. Let us wish our bride to justify these proverbs and drink to it!

Real life consists of many details of empty words, arguments, situations. Life - is a garland of colorful - light and cloudy - day. And on your discretion and depends on the consent of peace and prosperity in your life, dear newly-weds! So let the daily trivia do not spoil the main thing in your life - happiness and joy. For your happiness, the newlyweds!

Grew up in the woods slender poplar and birch next growing slim. And they loved each other, and were drawn to each other, until they finally put together their twigs and woven together. What our newlyweds poplar and birch are not? Let's wish them to love their branches never untwist and clung to each other.

Today we have witnessed how two hearts beat closely allied and true, as one, the rest of his life. They met and had long ago exchanged declarations of love and vows, and as of today, were owned by each other. So let the same fate that has helped them to meet, which was favorable to their feelings, and will continue to be their good companion, weaving a thread of their life alone rose. For honeymooners, because of their bright future, I propose to raise our glasses. Kiss!

The first marriage occurred many years ago in the garden. Rose kindly and gently bowed before the first couple, their flowers, jasmine sent them their fragrance, lilacs bloomed in their approach, and the nightingale resounding trill indulged their ears. There is no doubt that women - it's good genius of the perishable world that can make a marriage of heaven. Therefore, I propose a toast to summer for many women of all present here!

Our dear fiance - lucky astronomer. He first discovered the star, and there is no doubt that the beauty, charm and intelligence - the star of first magnitude. So let this star illuminates his life the light of love, care and devotion.
That he always wanted to say:
- Burn, burn, my star, the star of love Privetnoye,
- You're my treasured one, another will never happen.

How beautiful our young today! Young beauty in the beautiful snow-white, pure, like love itself, attire - recently a bride, and now her husband. Look how happy she is today, what happiness shines its opinion, the call to your loved one! And if we could look into her heart, then we would notice that it is full to the brim with love and happiness, and there are no words to express the fullness of these feelings. And I propose to raise our glasses to the fact that happiness was endless!

Dear bride and groom! I sincerely wish you celebrate in your life for at least another ten weddings: paper - one year later, the glass - two years later, aged - in three years, the cotton - in five years, a bronze - in ten years, china - fifteen, a crystal - twenty, silver - over twenty-five, gold - over fifty, Diamond - over seventy-five years. And also I wish that all of today's guests will certainly present in all of these weddings. Let's drink to the fulfillment of that desire and happiness of young!

Once I was walking on the wedding of my brother, so here - the young on their wedding night, read a fairy tale «Ivan - the king's son,» and in due time they had a beautiful baby! And I walked on my sister's wedding: there the young on their wedding night, read a story, «Mary - mistress» and soon she had a beautiful daughter! There was a case: I was walking on the wedding of an acquaintance: so young they have read at night, «Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs» And what do you think? Now they have seven sons and a daughter, honey! So let us drink for the couple to read our story today, «Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves!»


Russian wedding signs
  • Play a wedding in vysokosny year is undesirable.
  • In May, married - to suffer all my life.
  • Rings and bouquet of the bride buys the groom's party.
  • Or even try to wear someone else's dress the bride in any case should not be.
  • In the long-awaited wedding day to get the blessing of their parents, the young should be standing on the sheep's clothing.
  • As a young registrar decided to go on different machines.

Russian tradition:
In Russia, engagement rings worn on the finger of the bride and groom before the wedding, sometimes even in childhood: a boy - silver (sign of strength), the girl - gold (symbol of purity and innocence).

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